Using Enpass Autofill on iOS

For devices running iOS 12 and later, Enpass has integrated with the AutoFill Passwords feature of your device. After granting permissions to Enpass in your device's Settings, you will see Password options above, or instead of, your keyboard whenever login fields are detected in an app or website.

To set up the Autofill feature on your device:

  1. Go to the Settings app on your device, then select Passwords.
  2. Tap AutoFill Passwords.
  3. Toggle on the AutoFill Passwords option, and then tap Enpass in the list below.
  4. Tap Done to complete the process.

To Autofill using Enpass in apps and websites:

  1. In an app’s or site’s login screen, tap the first field to be filled.
  2. If Enpass recognizes the app or site from your Enpass vault, one-tap login options will be provided.
  3. If Enpass isn't sure which Item to use, a list of suggested Items will be provided.
  4. If Enpass suggests the wrong Item, or if you aren't presented with options or suggestions, tap to bring up an Enpass overlay so you can search for the Item you need.