Setting up Enpass Business

The initial set-up process for Enpass Business is dependent on your company policies relating to the activation of Enpass, connecting to a cloud, and creating a Master Password. It is an easy and quick process to set up Enpass Business. It is suggested that use your official company email address to activate your business subscription.

Step 1: Activate Enpass Business

Use your company-issued email address to activate Enpass. After activation, Enpass automatically pulls the policies set by your admin.

Activate Enpass Business using your organization email

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Step 2: Connect to your business cloud

As per your organization policies, you need to select a location for you Enpass data. This location could be local on your device or the busisiness cloud account of your organization. You can connect your Enpass to the business cloud account. By connecting Enpass with your business cloud account, you can store and manage your business data easily. You can restore your data on other devices once you connect to a cloud account.
Connect Enpass to your business OneDrive account

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Step 3: Creating a Master Password

Once you connect to your business cloud account, Enpass checks for your vault on cloud. If vault is not yet created, Enpass asks you to set a Master Password and create a new vault. If an Enpass vault has already been created on your cloud account, provide the password of that vault.

Set a Master Password and create new vault in Enpass Business

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