Here at Enpass, our mission is to keep password management simple across all the platforms with utmost security to data. Every step we take is based on following principles:

  • Don’t keep user’s data- Enpass is designed to work locally on your device even without internet connection. To use Enpass, you don’t need to sign-up with us. Your data always remains on your device and never leaves it until you explicitly choose so by syncing through any of your cloud accounts, and then too it’s encrypted.
  • Always use proven technologies- Data in Enpass is fully encrypted by 256-bit AES encryption with 100,000 rounds of PBKDF2-HMAC-SHA512 using the peer-reviewed and open-source encryption engine SQLCipher, providing advance protection against brute force and side channel attacks.
  • Only user can access his data- User’s data is only accessible to him through the Master Password which only he knows, and it is not recorded anywhere in Enpass. So even if someone, somehow gets access to datafile he will never be able to unlock it without Master Password.