Breach Monitoring in Enpass

Breach monitoring is a threat detection service in Enpass that alerts you whenever any website saved in Enpass is breached. Website-breaches have become frequent putting your personal-data, including passwords at risk making it visible to hackers thereby nullifying the security of strong passwords.

Breach monitoring sends immediate alerts and allows you to timely change your password before the damage is done. We recommend that user immediately change the passwords for accounts that are listed under Breached Audit section.

To view breached websites:

  1. Open your Enpass app.
  2. Go to Audit, and then click Breached.

What information do you get about breached websites

Enpass publishes a short report to provide the information about the breached website. The report contains the name of breached website, breached date, types of data compromised, and the precaution you must take after a breach. To prepare this report, Enpass fetches the information managed by the trusted

Post breach what you must do

As soon as you get the information about breached websites, you must take the steps mentioned below:

  1. Change your password
    Create a strong and unique password. You can use built-in password generator in Enpass to create strong and unique passwods.
  2. Check other passwords
    To avoid risk associated with other items having same password, check the passwords of the items saved in Enpass. Enpass keeps you updated with by identifying weak, identical, and old passwords.
  3. Enable two-factor authentication
    Add extra layer of security to your breached website account by enabling 2FA. You can view the 2FA supported websites in Audit section and save the one-time code for those websites in Enpass. 

In addition to above steps, find out the type of data was stolen and take the action accordingly.