Enpass password generator

Weak and stolen passwords are the main causes of data breaches. Even strong passwords become vulnerable if they are reused for multiple accounts. Enpass can generate strong and unique passwords for all your online accounts.

Generating passwords

You can generate passwords on any computer, phone, or tablet using a built-in password generator. If it is a complex password, you can make it simple using various controls provided on the password generator window. You can create pronounceable as well as random passwords.

You can generate a password while adding an item or editing an item by clicking the Generate button below the password field, or you can go to the toolbar and click Generate Password icon.

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Generating passwords in Enpass

Random passwords

Pronounceable passwords

Changing Passwords

Some website require passwords to be changed on a regular basis as an extra measure of security. Enpass helps improve your account security by making strong new passwords with a simple click of the  button.

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Changing passwords of an existing item

Changing passwords using the browser extension in the desktop app

Good to Know

Password history

Every password you generate in Enpass is archived and can be recovered.

To view an item’s password history:

  • In the Item Details view, right-click on your current password, and select History.

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Password history

Password strength