Import data from pre-formatted CSV file into Enpass

Using the Enpass desktop version, you can import data saved in Excel or plain text files into Enpass, once that data has been properly formatted.

Step 1: Create compatible CSVs

To prepare your data for import:

  1. Download the following pre-formatted CSVs that are compatible with importing to Enpass:
  2. Copy your data into these CSVs, and save them on the computer where you've installed Enpass.

Step 2: Import into Enpass

To import data from pre-formatted CSV files into Enpass:

  1. From the File menu in Enpass, select Import, then select Pre-formatted CSV.
  2. In the drop-down menu, select the file type of one of your pre-formatted CSVs from Step 1.
  3. Under Select File, click the folder icon.
  4. Locate on your computer the correct .csv file, and click Continue.
  5. If you have multiple Enpass vaults, select the vault into which you want the data imported. (The Primary vault is selected by default.)
  6. Click Continue, and after the import is complete, click Done.
  7. Repeat these steps for any additional CSVs you've created.

After importing your data, it is highly recommended that you delete your unencrypted CSVs, as they are not secure and can result in a data breach.

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