Importing your data into Enpass

If you want to switch to Enpass from any other password manager, you can export your data from your old app using to any of their unencrypted format supported by the Enpass.


You can easily transfer your passwords and other information from other applications into the free Enpass desktop app available for your Mac, Windows PC, and Linux.

Importing data from other Password Managers to Enpass

Switching from other password manages to Enpass is easy and seamless. Enpass can automatically import all your passwords and other information from 1Password, DashlaneKeePass, KeePassX, LastPass, Bitwarden, mSecure, RoboForm, SafeInCloud, Splash ID, Sticky Password, Keeper, True Key.

Importing passwords from Chrome into Enpass

You can seamlessly import all of the saved passwords or log-in credentials from the built-in Google Chrome Password Manager directly to Enpass.

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Import data from Excel, Spreadsheet, or CSV

Enpass lets you import data from spreadsheets or CSVs saved on your computer. The files must be saved in a predefined format that Enpass can recognize, but Enpass makes that easy by providing downloadable templates.

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