Using Autofill on Android

Enpass can easily be enabled to autofill in browsers and apps on Android. There are three options for enabling this feature:

1. Android Autofill Framework (Service)

This built-in service on Android 9 and later allows third-party password managers to prompt users about autofill options when login fields appear in app or websites.


Read more about setting up Enpass as the default in Android’s Autofill Service

2. Autofill using Accessibility

This method uses the Android’s built-in Accessibility settings. It’s another way Enpass can detect login fields in apps and websites and automatically fill in the relevant information.


Read more about setting up Enpass as the default autofill option in Android’s Accessibility Settings

3. Autofill using Enpass Keyboard

The Enpass keyboard is installed alongside Enpass, and enables you to autofill by switching keyboards. This method bypasses the additional permissions needed in the other two methods, and can be useful if your device fails to recognize username or password fields in apps or websites.


Read more about using the Enpass keyboard to autofill on Android


Every Android app has a unique app ID that Enpass requires before filling in the details automatically. If an item doesn’t contain this unique ID, Enpass does not show that item to autofill, and you may receive a warning message saying, “you’re trying to autofill the details in another app”.