Microsoft 365 integration with Enpass Business

Enpass Business provides all the powerful features of an advanced password manager with the freedom for businesses to choose where they store their data. You can choose to connect your existing business storage backend with Enpass and keep your data within that trusted storage.

If your organization is using Microsoft 365 for business, you can do much more than with  other storage backends.

Integrating Microsoft 365 

If you are already using Microsoft 365 for business, it doesn’t take much to integrate it with Enpass. All you need to do is to provision the users on the Enpass Admin Console with a policy to store business vaults on OneDrive. Learn more about provisioning users in Enpass


After provisioning users on Enpass admins can manage the entire life cycle of employees  through Microsoft 365. Once a user has been provisioned, they will receive an email from the Enpass app asking them to verify their account. Once verified, they’ll be all set to start creating vaults and sharing them with colleagues via SharePoint or OneDrive. It’s as easy as that to be up and running! Learn how employees can connect Enpass with OneDrive.


The following enhanced features are available with Microsoft 365: 

OneDrive single storage backend

Admins can enforce users to keep all their Enpass data on the business OneDrive account.

Vault sharing

All the vaults users create on OneDrive can be shared with other users or teams from the default OneDrive or Sharepoint interface.

Read more about sharing business vaults

Access rights management

Enpass vaults are just like folders on OneDrive containing encrypted data. Vault access is governed by the permissions and share- settings on OneDrive. The Enpass application understands and acknowledges the OneDrive permissions transparently and acts accordingly. If a vault has view-only permission in OneDrive, it will open vaults in read-only mode. If a vault is unshared from OneDrive, user access is removed and it will automatically be removed from the Enpass client.

Read more about managing business vault access rights

Automatic data deletion during employee offboarding

When a user leaves the organization, and is de-provisioned by the admin, access to all the business vaults is removed and the data is automatically deleted from the user’s devices.

Read more about managing users in Enpass Admin console

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