Getting started with Enpass Admin Console

The admin console is a platform from which an organization can manage, distribute, and validate Enpass Business licenses for individual team members.

To access the Enpass Admin console as an administrator for your organization:

  1. In your browser, visit this page.

  2. Enter your administrator email address.

  3. Retrieve and enter the one-time code sent to you to complete your console login.


Add, remove, activate and deactivate users in your organization.

Read more about managing users in Enpass Admin console


Create and manage user groups and their members (usually based on departments within an organization).

Read more about managing groups in Enpass Admin console


Manage which Enpass features available to users, set required password strengths and other security measures, etc.

Read more about managing policies in Enpass Admin console


Manage billing and subscription details.

Read more about Billing in Enpass Admin console


Manage your Console settings branding, and administrators in your organization.

Read more about managing settings in Enpass Admin console

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