Sharing a vault in Enpass

Vaults can be easily share between Enpass users. Keep in mind that:

  • Sharing a vault means sharing the password to that vault
  • Sharing a vault that is synced via a cloud account requires logging into that cloud account through Enpass on each device sharing the vault
  • Every person with access to the shared vault has full permission to read, write, and delete any item from the vault, and can backup or restore the entire vault.

If you are using Enpass Business, visit this page.

If you don't want to share login credentials for your cloud account for privacy and security, you can create a separate cloud account for sharing vaults.

To share a cloud-synced vault:

  1. Provide the cloud-account login credentials and vault password to the person with whom the vault is being shared.
  2. That person will then follow the steps in the next section below.

To add to Enpass a cloud-synced vault being shared with you:

  1. Go to Settings, select Vaults, and click Add new vault.
  2. Select the cloud service where the shared vault is stored, which will open a special page on that cloud's website for granting access to Enpass.
  3. Login to the cloud account, and grant access to Enpass (usually a big Grant or Allow button).
  4. When you see the Enpass-styled "Authorization Finished!" message, click the Redirect button and/or the Open Enpass Password Manager button (if you are not automatically taken back to Enpass).
  5. In Enpass, you will see a "Restoring Data..." message, and when you see the vault name and icon, click Continue.
  6. Enter the vault password, and click Continue.
  7. Before clicking Continue, you can also check the option to save this password as an item your Primary vault.
  8. When adding the vault is completed, click Done.


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