Getting started with Enpass on Android

Enpass is a simple and secure app for taking care of your passwords and other credentials. It features dozens of templates to help you securely save any kind of information, including passwords, logins, bank accounts, credit cards, identification cards, passports, and more.


Setting up Enpass on Android

Enpass can be installed from the Play Store. Installation instructions for Android can be found here, and once installed, set-up instructions can be found here.

Adding, editing, and deleting items

Records stored in Enpass are called "items," and are automatically grouped into categories like logins, credit cards, identities, passwords, notes, computers, and more. Tap  in any list view to add an item, and within an item, tap  to edit.

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Syncing and accessing data on other devices

Data can be sync between devices by connecting Enpass to your account at any supported cloud storage, or synced locally using Wi-Fi or a shared folder on your device/network. All syncing of Enpass data is encrypted and completely secure, with cryptography always being performed locally on your device itself.

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Organizing your data

Your data can be organized in Enpass by using built-in categories, creating custom tags, marking items as favorites, and by creating multiple vaults (for example, a Work vault and a Personal vault). From the navigation bar at the bottom of the app, you can Browse your categories and tags, as well as access Password Audit.

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Autofilling passwords in apps and browsers

Enpass makes it simple to autofill your login details within apps, in Chrome, and in other supported browsers.

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Using vaults in Enpass

A vault is the secure location where your Enpass items are stored. You can create multiple vaults in Enpass to segregate items that should be stored separately (for example, a Work vault and a Personal vault)Multiple vaults also enable collaboration with family or team members through a shared cloud account.

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Password Auditing

Enpass includes a built-in Password Audit tool that checks the health of saved passwords. This is a local scanning process that watches for unsafe passwords and categorizes them accordingly (compromised, weak, outdated, etc.). Password Audit keeps on top of your digital security so you don’t have to.

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Breach Monitoring

Enpass includes built-in Breach Monitoring that notifies you whenever a data breach has been reported for any sites, apps, or services saved in your Enpass items. All monitoring occurs locally on your device (none of your information is shared), and when vulnerabilities are found, Enpass alerts you to change the password that may have been compromised.

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